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Superhawk Fogging Machine

The Superhawk is the machine of choice by Health Ministry Professionals, Mosquito Control Departments and Disease Control Programs. Branded product manufactured by Curtis Dyna,…

Tomahawk 28 Cat Grasper

The cat graspers are designed especially for the humane handling of cats and small animals. They are manufactured to gently restrain feral cats and other small animals while minimizing discomfort.

Tomahawk Snake Tong

This is the most humane and effective reptile handling tong available. It can be used as an extension to your arm for just about anything. This state of the art light weight tool is designed to give maximum holding pressure with …

Grande Fogging Machine

The Grande is an amazingly versatile fogger and represents our latest fogger from our Celestia line. The foager is compact in design and is easily detached for carried and storage.

B&G Sprayer N 124-CC

B&G Sprayer N 124-CC, professionally designed and engineered with B&G exclusive design improvements that provide for strength, safety, performance and reliability.


* electrical operated atomizer *2L solution tank *generates 0.5-5 micron droplet range *less chemical usage & letter results

Patriot Ninja

Utilizing atomizing technology and a high air stream in the unit, the Patriot can spray a mixture of chemical and carrier in droplet sizes of 0.5 microns, which is suitable for even the most sensitive areas…

Portable Aerosol System

The new PAS. (Portable Aerosol System) ULV machine gives you deep wall void penetration, crack and crevice application, and localized fogging capabilities while saving you up to 50% over competitive models.