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NPD Profoamer

The light weight hand held system – ProFoamer provides a one stop shop for many applications. The ProFoamer provides drain treatment for your industrial customers grease traps as well as residential.

Profi Star

A high-pressure type sprayer made of high strength plastic for regular use by professionals for garden and industrial application. With safety valve and integrated filling funnel.

Contrac Blox

Contrac Blox is a multi-edged, single-feeding rat and mouse bait that is unsurpassed in rodent acceptance and control. Ready-to-use Contrac Blox bait pieces feature a patented multi-edge design that gives rodents plenty of gnawing edges per piece.

Contrac Rodenticide

Contrac Rodenticide is a single-feeding anticoagulant bait, in either pellet or meal form, with superior acceptance by rodents. Contrac Rodenticide contains the active ingredient Bromadiolone, …

Racumin Paste

Due to it’s good palatability, Racumin Paste is consumed by the rat at very high amounts. Rats can take up a lethal dose of Coumatetraly in one day. The rats Virtually feed themselves to death.