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The Accu-Spray is designed to be compact, featuring an all metal bottle with heavy duty hose and brass fittings. There are several spraying tips to choose from – rotate, screw and ready-to-spray.

Snare Pole

The Animal Snare Pole is a durable and heavy duty equipment with great versatility to safely restrain, capture or rescue a variety of animals. It also boasts a light weight frame for easy handling.

Foxy Plus

Foxy Plus is a robust, top quality hand trigger sprayer. It is equipped with a durable with a powerful trigger pump for fine spraying pattern. With the transparent tank and clear filling marks of 100 to 500 ml,…

Super Star 1.25

Super Star 1.25 is 1liter robust hand operated compressor sprayer for home and garden. Equipped with brass nozzle and adjustable head. Suitable for treating underside of leaves for indoor and outdoor.

Granomax 5

Scattering of granular is now easier with Granomax. Granulars can be dispense evenly and with better accuracy. Granomax is able to dispense material up to 4mm in diameter, suitable for small and medium areas.

Pioneer Backpack Operator ULV Fogger

This “New Era Fogger” combines the best features of Ultra Low Volume fogger, thermal fogger and motorized mist blower. Pioneer offers its safety advantages, continuous flow adjustment, zero emissions, fine droplet size and cable-free operation.

Cidetrak IMM Mating Disruptant

The concept of insect mating disruption is not new. It has been extensively used in global agriculture. It involves the use of sex pheromones to ‘confuse’ the male insects, preventing them from finding females…

Versafoamer HH

The Versafoamer HH is used to apply water-based insecticide blended with foam to floor drains, wall voids and enclosed spaces. Its heavy duty construction and stainless steel tank ensures its durability.